Hi my name is Izzy and i am 11 years old. I love to read, eat, draw, and just relax. I also play piano and flute. It s fun:3! Some of my favorite things are food, cats, Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, Doctor who and Sailor moon :). I have two dogs(random fact).On my blog I will manly post AWSOME art and AWSOME  stuff. Well I hope you enjoy my blog!

P.S. I love seeing your fan art so comment it below!

4 thoughts on “Me… Izzy !!!

  1. purdy says:

    hey Izzy its me Ezzy, i like your blog it is interesting………….. i was wondering if you could draw me a girl like me, you and kalie all together……… like in a fantisy land with big donuts and cats. hope you can do it thanks.

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